I've Always had the Spirit  Of an Entrepreneur  since my Teenage  Years. Then Again my Family was full of Them!! I knew all too well the Good, Bad ,Ugly  and the OMG WHAT IS GOING ON SEASONS.  Being an Entrepreneur  can be a True Rollercoaster.  However,  the Good does outweigh  the  bad. I opened  my first business  in March 2008 athe themail agwith 25.  I stepped out on faith and use Everything and Dime  I had.  Then I did it Again  in 2010 and opened my second  business.  I have truly had an Experience  and I've learned so much over the years. Im still learning  and growing.  However,  what I have learned I'm will to consult  you on. I want to see you grow. Reach your  Next level.. I know all too often the Experience  of a Slow day in business.  The pain in not having your Rent. The depression  in doing payroll and going home Empty handed.  I want to see you Win!! Take as many shots you need... the Ball is in your court.